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Home Series - Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Questions


I used WDIDE3 to disable the 8 sec parking on the heads for the WD20EARS drive. When I transfer files to the array, I noticed that the speed of the array is really slow, about 25-30 MB/s.  Do you know if I have to do a WD alignment on the array? Any other way to increase the speed?
Hard Drive Questions

Does the Home Series support 3TB drives?

Q1205002 Can I use WD SATA model WD7501AALS with good result?
Q1205003 Does the Home Series support 4TB drives?
Q1205004 What HDD's are compatible with the Home Series?
Q1205005 Does the CineRAID Home Series support 5400RPM (Green) Drives?
Q1205006 Can the drives be formatted with Windows and used in the CR-H458 or does it have its own proprietary drive formatting software?
Q1205007 Does your product allow different use of drives? I was originally looking at Drobo's and Synology NAS systems, which do allow you to put in different drives.
Configuration Questions
Q1206001 How do I setup the dip switches for RAID 1 configuration?
Q1206002 I'm wondering if your CineRAID CR-H458 supports JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives) - a no RAID option?
Q1206003 Initially I will be putting in 3x 2TB drives and configure the unit as RAID 5. If I add another 2TB drive in the future, is the expansion automatic, or do I have to move the data off the unit to reconfigure it and then move the data back?
Q1206004 I'm in the market for a NAS RAID system, ideally utilizing RAID 5. Your products look like a great value, but I was wondering if your CineRAID CR-H458 system had the capability to expand the volume by adding additional drives later after the array has already been established.
Q1206005 Can the 4 bays be configured to separately combine two pairs of the drive bays? In other words, installing four 2TB drives that can be combined to two 4TB volumes.
Q1206006 I removed 3x 3TB drives to put in this enclosure. They were already formatted with a bunch of files on each. Now that they're in the enclosure, Windows is telling me to format them before it can read it. Why is it not recognizing the files on these hard drives? I cannot format them, I will lose all my data. Please help. Thank you much.
OS/Software Questions
Q1207001 Will the CineRAID Home Series run with my OS (Operating System)?
Q1207002 When using this device in RAID 5 or 10 with 2TB drives, do your drivers bypass the WIN XP 2TB drive size limitation?
Q1207003 Is there source available or a 64bit binary that I can get my hands on?
Q1207004 Can I download the user guide?
Q1207005 Does it require any drivers for USB connectivity in Windows?
Operation / Connectivity Questions
Q1208001 Can the H458 automatically shutdown when the computer is connected to shuts down?
Q1208002 Is there any way to get the drives to sleep after a period of inactivity?
Q1208003 The fan on my CR-H458 is not spinning, when will the fan spin?
Q1208004 Does the CR-H458 specifically support sleep mode from the OS?
Q1208005 Does the CR-H458 require a port multiplier aware eSATA port or will it function correctly with any eSATA port?
Q1208006 I formatted one of the other (using USB), and then plugged in via eSATA. Still only the first disk shows up. None of the other disks power LED's is lighted. They are all dark.
Q1208007 Does the unit show up as one big drive when using eSATA?
Q1208008 My drives would show up in My Computer only for a short time, then disappear. I had the unit connected to the motherboards uSB 3.0 port (Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3)

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