8 BAY 6G Expander MiniSAS

Hardware RAID Storage Solution

Fast Performance / 2U Rackmount



Best In Class High Performance RAID Storage for HD, 2K and 4K Workflows

The CineRAID EditPRO-E RAID Expander Series chassis uses a PCIe Dual Core RAID Controller optimized for digital media intensive applications requiring sustained throughput for smooth, real-time playback to meet the high demands of professional users.

Built around the Areca field proven RAID Technology, offering the highest level of reliability and performance,  keeping your workflow uninterrupted when it matters the most. Supports RAID 5 protected mode, allowing you to sustain a failed drive without losing any data and allowing you to continue operating.

The EditPRO-E achieves your current data storage needs and allow you to add more storage as you need it. When additional storage capacity becomes necessary as your business grows, the EditPRO-E provides an easy expansion of data simply by adding additional JBOD expanders,  up to 122 Drives or eight enclosures, that's a maximum of 366TB of storage!!!..

Engineered for Performance, Reliability, Capacity, and Ease of use out of the box. Compatible with MAC or PC environments. Ideal for your HD projects, large media files, databases, photos or audio files, The EditPRO-E is ready to work for you.



By using a complete 6Gb/s SAS/SATA infrastructure, it enables greater reliability and throughput to deliver the ultimate solution using the latest high performance enterprise 6G SAS/SATA drives.



Each whole enclosure is designed for maximum airflow and proper cooling in mind. The front ventilation holes draw cool air in, while exhausting warm air out the back. This high cooling air flow system is critical to achieve maximum performance and reliability of the components. Built in temperature monitors are constantly detecting for any un-healthy rise in heat or fan failures, and will alert you of the problem.


We use  quiet internal ball bearing fans which are designed specially for maximum air flow with minimal sound. Perfect for low noise studio environments. Fan speed can also be monitored through the RAID controller GUI and will immediately alert if any fan failures arise.

An 80plus Active-PFC power supply exceeding specifications of 80% or greater energy efficiency. The active PFC (Power Factor Correction) which allows for power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency by automatically correcting the power factor, which ultimately leads to an improved stability and more reliable power supply.

Included in all our enclosures are SFF-8088 Mini SAS cables for a safe and secure connection between the RAID card and enclosure. The fixed latch cable design helps provide a stable connection and protection against accidental interruptions during your workflow. This cable will not disconnect unless you do so.

  • Built in temperature monitors alert you of any un-healthy rise in heat or fan failure
  • Each Tray is equipped with individual LED lights to provide instant power, activity and drive failure status
  • Browser-based management utility (GUI) - RAID Solution Only




  • Diskless, 32TB, 48TB and 64TB

  • Supports 8 independent 6Gb/s SATA or SAS HDD

  • (8) Enterprise Class 7200RPM SATA - (Not Included in Diskless model)


  • 6Gb/s MiniSAS - (48Gb/s Total Bandwidth)

RAID Controller: (Not included in JBOD solution)

  • Dual Core RAID-on_Chip (ROC) 800 Mhz Processor
  • PCIe x8 2.0 Host Connection
  • Dual Channel External MiniSAS Ports (2x SFF-8088)
  • 1GB DDR3-1333 ECC Cache
  • Supports RAID 0,1,1E,3,5,6,10 and JBOD
  • Multiple Adapter Support
  • Multiple RAID Selection and Volume
  • Array Roaming
  • Online RAID level/stripe size migration
  • Online RAID capacity expansion
  • Instant availability and background initialization
  • Auto drive insertion/removal detection and rebuild
  • Greater than 2TB support per volume
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T., NCQ and OOB staggered spin up
  • Support (MAID) Massive Array of Idle Disks (Spin down of disk when not in use)
    • Management / Monitor:
      • Browser-based management utility (GUI)
      • Supports command line interface (CLI)
      • Hot Key boot up BIOS RAID Manager (Windows only)
      • SMTP support for email notification
      • SNMP support for remote notification
      • RAID status indication through HDD activity/fault LED with audible alarm

    • Compatibility

      • Mac OSX / Windows / Linux / FreeBSD / VMware / Solaris Supported

Monitor Indicators:

  • LED and Audible Alert - Fan Failure/Over Temperature
  • LCD Display for status indication

Power Supply:

  • 200W Active PFC - 80 Plus Rated
  • Quiet Ball Bearing Fan (x1)

Chassis Fan:

  • 2x Quiet Ball Bearing Fan
  • Rotational Speed: 2100 RPM
  • Maximum Airflow: 41.33 CFM
  • Noise level: 25.9 dBA

Dimensions and Weight

  • 2U/3.5"(H) x 19"(W) x 16"(D)

  • Weight: 20lbs (without drives)

Environmental Requirements:

  • Operation Temprature: 0~60
  • Storage Temperature: -20~70
  • Operation Humidity: 5%~85%, non-condensing
  • Storage Humidity: 5%~95%

Kit Contents:

  • CineRAID EditPRO-E 8-Bay 2U Rackmount Storage Unit w/ Slide Rails
  • x8 PCIe RAID Controller - (Included in RAID Solution Only)
  • (8) Removable Drive Trays with Enterprise Class Hard Drives - (No drives included in Diskless solution)
  • (2) 6G MiniSAS (SFF-8088 to SFF-8088) External Cable (Included in RAID Solution Only)
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 5 Year Enterprise HDD Warranty
  • Optional : Additional 2 more year extension for a total of 5 Year Warranty / Advance Replacement Warranty



  • CR-R08E-X - 8-Bay Expander RAID Solution (Diskless) - $3199

  • CR-R08E - 8-Bay Expander JBOD Solution (Diskless) - $2499

*Raw capacity shown. Actual capacity will vary depending on RAID level, formatting, partioning, computer's operating system and other factors.


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