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Part# APS-DKPD01


Un-Limit Yourself

The Pioneer USB Type-C (USB-C) Docking with Power Delivery is the perfect complement to your Type-C laptop and tablet. This Dock allows you to plug in a single cable to connect multiple devices, deliver to 4K Ultra HD video, simultaneously offer high-speed data transfer and charges your Type-C device.


Why do I need this USB-C Dock

Connect to you monitors, keyboard, mouse, phones, game controllers, digital projectors and many other USB peripherals while you charge your laptop at the same time.







3.5mm Microphone Port

3.5mm Headset Port

USB 3.0 Port (Fast Charge)






DC Power Input (20V / 4.5A)

USB Type-C Host Port (Data, DP Alt Mode, USB Power Delivery)

USB Type-C Downstream Port (Data Only)

Display Port w/ MST (Video 1)

HDMI Port (Video 2)

Ethernet Port (Gigabit - RJ45)

USB 3.0 Port x2  


Demensions: 210mm x 91mm 28.16mm

Weight: 260g

Included in Box:

1x USB-C Dock Unit

1x USB-C to USB-C Cable

x1 (20V/4.5A, 90W) Power Adapter w/ 5V/3A (15W)

with 12V/3A (36W) and 20V/1.8A (36W), 20V 3A (60W) cable







Warranty & Support


1 Year Standard Warranty


Tech Support :  :  (909) 606-1111 x113


Pre-Sales / Sales :  :  (909) 606-1111



Pricing : $169





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